Building work begins at Trinity

A new mezzanine level built at Trinity’s day centre 

Work has begun on extending Trinity’s building to make better use of the space in the main hall. The existing upstairs office space currently houses the management, fundraising and admin staff, with space also rented out to other local charities. The new mezzanine itself, which will overlook the main hall, will be a new office for the Trinity team. The new space will be rented out to provide a sustainable source of income to Trinity, and a base for another local charity. Picture1 (more…)

Trinity’s Plans for Accommodation


Trinity Winchester plans to extend services to include accommodation

Trinity is Winchester’s local day centre providing practical and emotional support to over 600 homeless and other vulnerable people every year. However with plans to build a two storey extension onto the back of the existing building, the charity aims to also become a housing provider working in partnership with local charities, agencies and Winchester City Council.  (more…)