Big Sleep Out Raises over £30,000

Trinity Winchester’s unique fundraising event, the Big Sleep Out, has raised over £30,000 to date. On Friday 5th May, 200 people bedded down in the grounds of the iconic Winchester Cathedral to raise funds and awareness for local homelessness charity Trinity Winchester. Participants built themselves cardboard shelters to sleep in and raised sponsorship for taking on the challenge of sleeping outside for the night. (more…)

Big Sleep Out 2017 Photos

Thanks to everybody who joined us for the Big Sleep Out on Friday 5th May in the grounds of Winchester Cathedral. To all who slept out, visited for the evening, sponsored participants or helped run the event – thank you for making it! We are still counting up the money raised and will release a figure soon, for now take a look back at the photos taken and re-live the night spent under the stars! (more…)

Skydivers raise over £1500 for charity

After being cancelled due to weather difficulties twice, on Saturday 23rd July two very brave women were finally able to take part in a tandem skydive. Freefalling from 10,000 feet, reaching speeds of up to 125mph before the parachute opened, Katie and Lou raised money for Trinity’s work.  (more…)