Big Sleep Out 2017 Photos

Thanks to everybody who joined us for the Big Sleep Out on Friday 5th May in the grounds of Winchester Cathedral. To all who slept out, visited for the evening, sponsored participants or helped run the event – thank you for making it! We are still counting up the money raised and will release a figure soon, for now take a look back at the photos taken and re-live the night spent under the stars! (more…)

Local performers supporting Big Sleep Out 2017

Mighty HumpBreeze_Winchester

  • Jez Clark, breakfast presenter on The Breeze Radio Station is hosting the whole evening, bringing his energy and wit to the main stage. His role will be to welcome all our guests, introduce the performers, and maybe even live stream to the radio
  • Call Me Al, Sasha Lauren and The Mighty Hump bring a range of musical styles from the main stage
  • Hursley High Class Butcher, Solstice Pizza Co., and First Bite will have a range of catering options
  • Juggling Jake will be on hand to teach circus skills
  • Lucy McGloughlin, Live Event Artist, will be capturing the evening through her incredible quick paintings
  • Local charities and community groups will be inside the Cathedral talking about their work
  • Hear directly from some of Trinity’s clients to find out where all of the money raised will be going
  • 10pm – Lights Out! All guests who are not registered to sleep out must make their way out of the Inner Close, as the challenge of sleeping outside begins
  • Dave Dodge Photography will be around throughout the evening. If you would prefer not to have your picture taken, please put a hand up when you see Dave. (All images may be used in future publicity for the event)

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Volunteering Opportunities March – May 2017

We need a bit of help to publicise Trinity, and helping with our fundraising. Most of these opportunities are suitable for people who haven’t volunteered with us before, so please take a look and get in touch if you are interested!

  • Saturday 11th March – Winchester High St. We will be giving out flyers and information about our biggest fundraising event of the year, the Big Sleep Out, in St Maurice Covert (the area in between Debenhams and Greggs the bakers), between 10am – 4pm. We need people to give 2-3 hours during the day.
  • Saturday 8th April – Sainsbury’s Badger Farm. We have been offered space in the entrance of the store to collect spare change from shoppers. These events can raise between £500 – £800 in a single day, which makes a huge difference to Trinity’s services. If you can help for just 2 hours during the day, we would be very grateful.
  • Friday 5th – Saturday 6th May Winchester Cathedral – Could you help at the Sleep Out itself? We need marshalls, welcome team, food team, help setting up and packing down. Just let me know the hours you are free, and I’ll keep you busy!
  • Ad Hoc – Evenings. We are being invited to more groups of Scouts, Cubs and Brownies. If you have experience with young people and would be interested in helping to lead discussion and activities about homelessness, please let me know. The next date booked is Friday 25th March. 
  • Sunday 28th May – Old Sarum. We have limited places for people to have the incredible experience of Skydiving from 10,000 feet! The cost is just £50, with a fundraising target of £395 – please do spread the word that we have this booked, or let me know if you’re interested in the jump! More info:

Please speak to Lucy Tennant – / 01962 828636 for more information, or to arrange your volunteering slot.

Local Companies Help Feed Homeless People

Local homelessness charity, Trinity Winchester, put out a call for volunteer chefs to cover their regular cook’s holiday, and have been inundated with support from generous local companies.

Teams from Winchester City Council, Enterprise Car Hire, Amey Construction, Fat Face, First Bite, the University of Winchester, Holiday Inn and Osborne Construction all dedicated a day’s volunteering to help homeless people. (more…)

Barry’s Story

Barry has been accessing Trinity’s services on and off for nearly 15 years. After being evicted from his family’s council property, he spent a few months sofa surfing with friends and family, and then moved into a caravan where he has been living for many years.

Trinity provided a space to wash himself and his clothing, receive a hot meal, and find advice regarding parking his caravan in new places.  Although Barry has worked most of his life as a forklift driver and warehouse worker, his latest job ended a few years ago. Barry accesses Trinity’s job club every Wednesday to look for appropriate jobs and get support in making applications. Barry was unable to open a bank account because he did not have a fixed address, but was able to use Trinity’s contact details and now has a basic bank account.

In the last few months, Barry has been helping to prepare and serve meals in Trinity’s kitchen 3 or 4 days a week.  Amazingly he was recently invited to view a flat, where he now lives with his brother, after long-term intervention from his key worker at Trinity.

“Trinity is an inspiring place, there are a few members of staff who have really encouraged and helped me. I have been given jobs to do in the past, like helping with the gardening or putting together new furniture. If you are willing to help yourself, Trinity is a fantastic place to come. I would like to gain full time employment in a kitchen, but will stay in touch and continue volunteering at Trinity.” (Barry, November 2016)

“Homelessness” – A Poem by Fiona Mobbs

As I tuck myself in bed at night

I think of others with an awful plight.

They wander streets and are lonely:

No real meal, bed or company.

How can it be in this century

With a welfare state In this country?

I know for some it may be choice,

But most I fear, just have no voice.

They lose their job, and fate follows

Their family unit then unravels,

This leads to a loss of the home

Next thing you know they’re on their own.

It must be hard to get back on track

When “no fixed abode” is your home shack.

You can see the attraction of prison

Where meals and shelter are a given.

With thanks to Fiona Mobbs, Personal Poet, for giving this poem to Trinity. 
View more of her work at