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Could you raise £1,000 in one day?

Could you raise £1,000 in one day??

We are looking for volunteers to help raise enough money in just one day to keep Trinity’s food cupboards stocked for one year.

Once again, Trinity is hosting a unique fundraising event where volunteer prisoners are “arrested”, and only allowed to be released once they have raised enough “bail” money.

Volunteer Special Constables from Hampshire Constabulary are helping with the event, and will arrest prisoners first thing in the morning. Taken to a secure location in central Winchester, they will then have the rest of the day to raise bail money.

Bail is set at £1,000, and this can be raised in a number of ways. Perhaps by simply asking friends, family or colleagues. Maybe your company will pay up to get you back in the office. Could you sell 1,000 £1 cakes in one day? Money can be raised in advance of the date, but we ask all participants to join us for the “arrests” and photographs.

 When? World Homeless Day – 10th October 2017
World Homeless Day is a global movement raising awareness of the realities of homelessness, and celebrate the work done by charities to help. On this day, across hundreds of countries, events will be hosted with the goal of helping homeless people. This is an opportunity to be part of something bigger!

Trinity Winchester needs to raise almost £500,000 every year to continue providing services to over 600 homeless and vulnerable people. With enough participants, we are hoping that Bail Me Out will raise £9,000 to put back into the vital services on offer. For one day out, you could make a huge difference to many people’s lives.

The event will be covered by local press, and you can publicise your work and your business through this positive PR, supporting your CSR objectives.

 What Now?

Get in Touch Contact Lucy on 01962 828636 or for all the information you need. She will talk you through the details, and can arrange a visit to Trinity to see first-hand who you are helping, and answer any questions you may have.

Trinity Summer Art Show

Monday 31st May – Bradbury House – 3:30 – 4:45
Please join us for Trinity Art Group’s Summer Show! See the latest work created by the clients, enjoy free hot drinks and cakes, a beautiful ukulele band performance, and learn more about how Trinity Winchester help homeless and other vulnerable people.

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Local young women to share their experiences of Eating Disorders at Trinity Winchester Event

Trinity Winchester’s Eating Disorder group will be welcoming two speakers to their meeting on 19th July to share their stories of recovery. Trinity runs two monthly groups, one for those struggling with an eating disorder, and a support group for friends and family. This event will see the two groups come together to hear how other people have overcome their eating disorders, and how to prevent and cope with relapse. read more…