Host your own fundraiser throughout the whole of November!


How to fundraise

Creat a JustGiving page or download our sponsorship form below.


Fundraising Ideas

Take a look below and you can see a selection of great fundraising ideas.

Winter is upon us and can be one of the hardest times of year for someone facing homelessness.

Trinity works hard to supply winter provisions which are even more vital with the added risk of Coronavirus. We provide a safe and warm space, clothing, toiletries and a hot nutritious meal for around 50 people a day.


by hosting your own fundraisers to help us through the winter and say YES to NOvember.

Have your family or friends’ round for a fundraising dinner, have each person prepare a different course or dish to share. Ask guests for a donation to Trinity.

Expand your general knowledge with this popular fundraiser. Get cosy at your local pub or at home with a themed quiz night. Give it a wintery or festive theme and hold a raffle on the night to raise even more.

Get your family, friends, or colleagues to show off their baking skills!

A great workplace fundraising activity! Simply choose a date, tell your team, and charge everyone a set amount to wear an outfit of their choice. You can even make your dress down the day a regular event.

Enjoy some peace and quiet while you raise money by getting everyone involved in a sponsored silence.

Set November aside to give up a habit, in return for sponsorship. If it’s an expensive habit, you can donate the money you save for the month to Trinity.

Whether it’s a hamper of gifts, a night in a hotel or a bottle of wine, a raffle is a great way to fundraise. Charge a fee for tickets which goes to Trinity and the winner gets the prize.

Our Supporters

Our Supporters