Support Us at Work

At Trinity Winchester, we offer unique team volunteering at the heart of our work. Your employees will make a real difference to our daily operations. These days are fun, physical and give an insight into how we are helping the lives of many.

Corporate volunteering helps to demonstrate your company’s value and commitment to the charity sector. They are also a great team-building exercise and can boost staff morale.

The generosity of our corporate partners provides vital support in our work. Take a look at some of the ideas below, or get in touch with Kirsty to talk about different ways to work together.

Ways to Partner

Charity of the Year

We promise to make it an unforgettable year.

Corporate Donation

We’ll show you how your money helps.


We offer unique team volunteering at the heart of our work .

Employee Fundraising

Support our events or organise your own.


From participation events to match funding, there are a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities available.

Charity of the Year

By choosing Trinity Winchester you will be creating a focus for your charitable activities and gaining publicity for your company. Some of the ways that you can support us are:

  • Take part in one of our fundraising events
  • Organise a team-building event
  • Encourage payroll giving
  • Matching employees sponsorship

Corporate Challenge

Some interoffice (not so) friendly competition does wonders for team morale. Especially if you’re on the winning team. So take part in our office challenge, and the winners get bragging rights for the rest of the year!

Split into departmental teams, and raise as much money as you can for Trinity Winchester. Does the Technical team fancy a bit of time travel and dressing up in eighties clothes for the day, maybe you’ll find an unexpected pop star in your Project Management team’s lunchtime talent, or will the Finance Team take charge of the office iPod for the day and charge 50p for a song to be played, but £1 for it to be taken off?

Each department gets free reign on how they will raise more money than the other departments (as long as it’s safe and legal!). Keep it quiet for a stealth attack or maybe start your bragging early – it’s up to you!

This challenge is perfect for building office morale and the more ingenious ideas offer some great publicity opportunities. 

Challenge Event

Take on one of our challenge events or oganise one as a team! Have a look at some ideas below:

  • Skydive Imagine the thrill of free-falling at over 120mph from 10,000 feet, before your parachute opens, and you’re slowly brought back down to earth with fantastic views of the South Coast.
  • Abseil Could you take on the challenge off abseiling 100 metres down the Spinnaker Tower in support of Trinity?
  • Big Sleep Out An eye-opening night spent sleeping in cardboard shelters to support local homeless people. Enjoy an evening of acoustic entertainment, build yourself a cardboard shelter to sleep in, and raise money and awareness to reduce homelessness. 
  • Three-peak Challenge
  • London Marathon

Secondment of Employees

Throughout the year, we have a number of volunteering projects that you and your colleagues can get involved with.

You could spend a day volunteering in our garden, helping to weed our flower beds, paint our memorial benches and plant new flowers.

If you can’t donate a whole day of time, then why not try out some of our micro-volunteering opportunities? We are always looking for people to collect donations from Sainsbury’s Badger Farm in the mornings, or helping out at local fetes during the weekend.

Gifts in Kind

Donate items or your services to Trinity Winchester. If you don’t think we could benefit from your services directly, then you could include our literature with your mailshots, add a page about Trinity Winchester on your website or donate a ticket to a networking event.

Volunteer Days

Why not join us in Trinity to gain some great volunteering opportunities. Whether its gardening or cooking, volunteering days are a great way to see our work first hand.

  • Come and cook for 50 clients
  • Help Spring Clean 

  • Bring a little love to our garden

  • Help with DIY jobs 

Payroll Giving

Payroll giving is an easy and tax-efficient way to support Trinity. Around 5 million people a year donate to charity in this way – it’s more tax-efficient as deductions are made before tax. Visit HMRC for more information.

World Homeless Day Black Tie Dinner

Join us for a truly special evening enjoying delicious food and entertainment at our annual Black Tie Dinner in support of World Homeless Day.