What is the fundraising target?

£395 for 10,000ft or
£495 for 15,000ft

How much is the skydive?

£50 deposit — free if you raise the minimum target

When can I jump?

Jump with us on Sunday 7th July 2024 or visit GoSkydive and select your own date

What do I get?

Trinity t-shirt
Skydiving guide
Fundraising support

Skydive for Trinity

Imagine the thrill of free-falling at over 120mph from 10,000 feet, before your parachute opens and you’re slowly bought back down to earth with fantastic views of the south coast. Register to skydive for Trinity Winchester and you can experience this thrill!

Registration is £50 payable to ‘Go Skydive’ and we ask each jumper to raise a minimum of £395 which covers the cost of your jump and a donation towards Trinity’s work with homeless and vulnerable people.

Book your place

The total of your skydive, including registration fee and minimum sponsorship, is £395. This covers the skydive costs and a donation to Trinity Winchester so that we can continue to support our clients.

There are plenty of ways to achieve your fundraising target. In fact, most fundraisers actually raise more than £395 but if you need some help, our Fundraising Manager would be happy to help.

If you don’t manage to meet your fundraising target, you can still take part in the skydive if you can cover the cost of the skydive yourself.

We run our skydives with GoSkydive.


Old Sarum Park
Salisbury SP4 6EB


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Fundraising for your skydive

We are here to help with any fundraising queries and we are more than happy to talk through ideas with you! We recommend starting by setting up a fundraising page with JustGiving and sending this out to all your friends, family and colleagues. 

You can find all our fundraising resources on the right which includes our paper sponsorship form and skydive information pack.

For further information please email kirsty@trinitywinchester.org.uk