Barry has been accessing Trinity’s services on and off for nearly 15 years. After being evicted from his family’s council property, he spent a few months sofa surfing with friends and family, and then moved into a caravan where he has been living for many years.

Trinity provided a space to wash himself and his clothing, receive a hot meal, and find advice regarding parking his caravan in new places.  Although Barry has worked most of his life as a forklift driver and warehouse worker, his latest job ended a few years ago. Barry accesses Trinity’s job club every Wednesday to look for appropriate jobs and get support in making applications. Barry was unable to open a bank account because he did not have a fixed address, but was able to use Trinity’s contact details and now has a basic bank account.

In the last few months, Barry has been helping to prepare and serve meals in Trinity’s kitchen 3 or 4 days a week.  Amazingly he was recently invited to view a flat, where he now lives with his brother, after long-term intervention from his key worker at Trinity.

“Trinity is an inspiring place, there are a few members of staff who have really encouraged and helped me. I have been given jobs to do in the past, like helping with the gardening or putting together new furniture. If you are willing to help yourself, Trinity is a fantastic place to come. I would like to gain full time employment in a kitchen, but will stay in touch and continue volunteering at Trinity.” (Barry, November 2016)