Dan’s Story

Dan began accessing Trinity’s services at the start of the Coronavirus lockdown period and was initially housed in emergency accommodation in Winchester. He was then referred into Trinity’s supported Housing Project in Hyde, where he is enjoying a place to call home.

With support from his key worker, Dan has been successful in managing all aspects of his tenancy, including budgeting, cooking, engaging with Winchester City Council, and managing his Universal Credit claims.

Dan is also a keen gardener and carpenter, putting his skills to use in his new accommodation by building  garden planters and continues to take an active role in the house.

Adam’s Story

Since a child, Adam had spent most of his life in Madrid, bringing up his family for the past 25 years. Upon returning to the Winchester area, Adam had spent many nights sleeping in his car before beginning to access Trinity’s services in August 2019.

By building up Adam’s trust over a period of time, he was persuaded to refer himself into Trinity’s supported housing project in Hyde. Working with his key worker, Adam began to take an active role in and around the house and began to rediscover Winchester, building up his confidence in order to move to his own property.

Adam has recently been successful in securing a move to St Johns in Winchester, where he will have his own house once more.

Geoff’s Story Continued

With support from his Trinity Key Worker, Geoff was able to move into his new flat earlier than the projected date in July. Trinity staff managed to find him some furniture and a TV to make it into a real home.

Even better news – Geoff will be returning to work on a construction site next Monday, after losing his job at the start of lockdown. He’ll be wearing the hard hat and work trousers that Trinity brought him for his first day.

Good luck in your new job Geoff!

June’s Story

June has been receiving support to manage her finances and to step into the digital world, she has upgraded her phone and is having internet installed at home.

In the meantime she has accessed Trinity’s IT room and has been setting up an online account to have her groceries delivered to her home.

June is loving her new found independence.

Geoff’s Story

Shortly after the coronavirus lockdown began, Geoff lost his job and then his flat.  He has been rough sleeping for several weeks, having to adapt and shelter himself in the demanding and risky world as it currently is. To support him through this time, Geoff has been coming into Trinity every day for food, washing, and personal development. It has been incredible to see Geoff remain so positive and resilient during what would be a life changing and demoralising time for so many others. There have been times when Geoff has clearly been stressed and tested, but he has kept his composure, showing true strength in the face of adversity.

As a result of his efforts, and with the support of Trinity staff and Winchester City Council, Geoff has successfully accepted a flat in Weeke, Winchester, which he will move into in July.  We will now work with him to help maintain his tenancy.