The Big Sleep Out 2017 raised over £35,000 for services for homeless and vulnerable people – but what difference can this really make? 

As an example, this is what £35,000 could pay for…

  • One Month of Running Costs – It costs over £400,000 every year just to keep Trinity going, which works out at over £1300 every day that we are open. The money raised from the Big Sleep Out could fund the drop in centre, women’s service and morning outreach for an entire month. The costs of the building, staff to work with clients, power to the IT suite, kitchen and washing rooms, serving approximately 45 people every day, for a whole month.   IMG_0341
  • Two Specialist Project Workers – When somebody accesses Trinity for the first time, they are assigned a 1:1 key worker to help them with whatever support they need – helping complete referrals to housing, ensuring they are on the correct benefits, support to engage in the job club and learning programme, and more. All our project workers have specialist skills in these areas, and are key in helping clients to move on to more positive futures. The money raised could pay for 1 full time and 1 part time member of staff for a year.IMG_0250
  • 3.5 years of heating and electricity – The basics of Trinity’s drop in centre could be funded for years thanks to your donations. Heating keeps the centre warm and welcoming for all of our clients, whilst providing a necessary shower and washing facilities for those who have nowhere else to access these basic provisions. The electricity powers the IT suite for people who are job seeking, the kitchen where over 50 meals are prepared and given out for free every day, and lighting, heating and vital cups of tea given out in the women’s service.IMG_0287

Thanks to generous sponsorship from The Big Lottery Fund, Godwins Solicitors, Hampshire County Councillor Grants and support in kind from Winchester GP and The Breeze Radio, there were no costs for the event, and every penny that participants raised is being put back into our vital services, working with over 600 people every year. Thank you for your support.