1 – Donate your unwanted pressies  

That naff Secret Santa gift from the girl in accounts who doesn’t know you but happened to pull your name out of the hat… we can use that. Your auntie’s gift that you would have liked six years ago, but she hasn’t realised you’ve grown out of – we can use that too. Allergic to nuts but given a box of Ferrerro Rocher? We can definitely use those!

If there is anything that you would usually bin, try to pass off to someone else or leave in the back of the cupboard – please think of Trinity. We can make use of it. Unwanted presents can be wrapped and redistributed to our service users who may not receive any other gifts this year, we can use that ‘Frozen’ stationery set up in the office. And you never know, that fancy box of chocolates that you don’t like can be auctioned at a fundraising event to raise a lot more money.

2 – Make one extra click 

Shopping online makes everything easier. No crowds, no trying to find a car park space, no queuing and definitely no heavy shopping bags. With EasyFundraising’s Find and Remind tool, it also makes donating to your favourite homeless charity easier too!

Click here, http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/trinitywinchester/, install the toolbar and shop as normal. Most retailers are listed so when you buy something online, you’re also donating to Trinity. Simples.

3 – Pick up an extra pair of pants

I don’t know about you, but my nearest supermarket is becoming like a second home. You can buy Christmas gifts, Christmas food, and even an outfit for the Christmas party. When you’re in there tonight, please throw an extra pair of pants in your trolley and bring it to us? Just a couple of quid to make a homeless person a lot more comfortable this Christmas. You can’t go wrong really.

4 – Celebrate Burn’s Night in style

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful…even so, you should grab your friends and head over to Littleton Church Hall on 24 January for a classic Burns Night celebration. Scottish Dancing, bagpipes and dinner – not a usual January activity for most of us, but the Winchester Ladies Circle are doing a cracking job of organising an exciting event and fundraising for Trinity at the same time. Listen to some bagpipes, eat some haggis and support Trinity’s work, all at the same time. Contact wincircle@gmail.com for more information.

5 – Sponsor a Sprout

On 18 December, Trinity will be filled with people excited for a warm turkey dinner, a small gift, and that wonderful warm Christmas community feeling. Our fantastic team of project workers and volunteers will be putting on this feast, and hope to have enough for anyone who might need it. But this is where you come in – it won’t be easy to provide all of this for the expected 50 – 60 people. Just £5 would pay for a meal and an item of clothing to give out to a service user. Leave the Gingerbread Latte for another week, and help make somebody’s Christmas. You can donate online here.

6 – Buy a Big Issue! 

Simplest thing ever and a unique stocking filler idea. Vendors buy the magazine for £1.25 and sell for £2.50 – a hand up, not a handout. We know of at least two who can always be found in Winchester High Street, who are working to better their chances of changing their situation. £2.50 for a few Christmassy articles, and to help somebody have a better future.