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An official MONOPOLY game for Winchester was launched at The Great Hall, Winchester, on Thursday October 12th, as the special edition hit shop shelves.

“The game showcases Winchester’s crown jewels,” says Benjamin Thompson from the game’s makers WINNING MOVES UK. “It’s a celebration of – and a love letter to – Winchester.”

Trinity Winchester is the first charity on the board, sitting on the Old Kent Road square, right past ‘Go’.

And the reason?

Because it offers “the first rung of the housing ladder” and is the “perfect fit”, say the game’s makers WINNING MOVES UK.

Everyone playing MONOPOLY seems to want to buy the expensive spaces Mayfair and Park Lane – but sometimes humble Old Kent Road on the most moderately ranked location can get overlooked, sometimes even gently derided.

But WINNING MOVES UK insist Old Kent Road is “very high cachet” and were today CONGRATULATING Trinity Winchester.

“It’s a very high cachet space,” says WINNING MOVES UK CUSTOM GAMES MANAGER Benjamin Thompson. Mr Thompson said that alongside Mayfair, Old Kent Road is the space everyone talks about.

“As Trinity Winchester provides a safe space for homeless people during the day, along with advice and emotional support, we feel this is a perfect fit as being the first location on the board can send a message it’s the first foot on the housing ladder.”

Sue McKenna, Operations Director at Trinity Winchester said “We are thrilled to appear as Old Kent Road on Winchester Monopoly. Our work helps local people in need, as well as supporting the Winchester community. Being nominated to appear on the board shows that Trinity is considered a crucial part of the City.”

The board will feature more than 30 city landmarks on MONOPOLY spaces. As well as the customised spaces, the Community Chest and Chance cards will be Winchester themed.IMG_6083