News Update: Our Accommodation Project

Our project to give vulnerable people a home is gathering momentum!

We have now raised £1.4m of our overall £1.47m target, with £38,000 more to raise.


Support Trinity this winter by holding your own fundraising challenge and say YES to NOvember

Geoff's Story

Shortly after the coronavirus lockdown began, Geoff lost his job and then his flat. He has been rough sleeping for several weeks, having to adapt and shelter himself in the demanding and risky world as it currently is.

Join the 120 Club

Sign up to our regular giving club and donate £10 a month to help change a life for good.

Skydive for Trinity

Imagine the thrill of free-falling at over 120mph from 10,000 feet, before your parachute opens and you’re slowly bought back down to earth with fantastic views of the South Coast. Register to skydive for Trinity Winchester and you can experience this thrill!

Christmas Stocking Appeal

Everyone deserves something for Christmas.

You can help support our visitors by getting involved in our Stocking Appeal. A small stocking of gifts could make a huge difference to someone facing homelessness this Christmas & can include anything from gift cards to socks.

In need of support?

If you would like to talk to somebody, or you know somebody in crisis, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Welcome to Trinity Winchester

We are a Winchester-based charity which addresses the effects of homelessness and vulnerability through specialist practical and emotional support, and proactive prevention, empowering positive change.

We help people who are vulnerable to the effects of homelessness, addiction, physical and mental ill health, poverty, social isolation and domestic abuse. We offer solutions, hope, choice and control.

About Us

We provide vital practical and emotional support to over 650 people each year who are experiencing the effects of homelessness or vulnerability.


Get Involved

If you feel you’d like to get involved with our important, life-changing work, there are many ways you can support Trinity.


Need Help?

If you would like to talk to somebody, or you know somebody in crisis, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01962 842827.

Our Services

Our services are open to a wide range of people, from the most chronically excluded rough sleepers, to ex care-leavers on low incomes needing support with housing, employment or training.


Our Supporters

Our Supporters