Trinity Winchester plans to extend services to include accommodation

Trinity is Winchester’s local day centre providing practical and emotional support to over 600 homeless and other vulnerable people every year. However with plans to build a two storey extension onto the back of the existing building, the charity aims to also become a housing provider working in partnership with local charities, agencies and Winchester City Council. 

The extension (shown with a red outline in image below) would consist of 11 bedsits, offering residents not just a room in a building, but a home with their own front door. The accommodation would have it’s own entrance, and not impact on the day services, which helps an average of 45 people every day.

IMG_7915 (2) IMG_7916

The existing site, Bradbury House, was designed by local company Hyphen (previously Househam Henderson) and won an award for it’s style. The extension is once again being designed by Hyphen, who are ensuring that clients’ needs are at the centre of decisions, and the building offers the best available space to people who may have been entrenched rough sleepers.

This project is able to begin thanks to the incredibly generous donation of £500,000 from the Deflog VQ Trust in 2016 (see information about this here). It is estimated that the building project will cost £1.5 million pounds, and an appeal will be launched later this year. If planning permission is successful and the funds can be raised, it is hoped that the building could be completed by 2020.

Housing First is an internationally evidence-based approach, which uses independent, stable housing as a platform to enable individuals with multiple and complex needs to begin recovery and move away from homelessness. – Homeless Link

The new accommodation will run on the Housing First Model, aiming to reduce returns to homelessness, and to provide long term support before people are able to move into their private rented home. For more information about this housing method, please visit

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If you are a neighbour of Trinity, and feel that you will be affected by this project, please get in touch with Sue McKenna, Chief Executive, to find out more information.

Sue McKenna, Chief Executive
01962 828635