Ian was released from prison and determined to change his future. See how Trinity’s Job Club helped him to do so here >>>





Lou was married for over 20 years, but lived in fear every day because of the abuse of her husband. After working with Trinity Women’s Service, she has become an advocate of Trinity’s work, is studying, working, and enjoying her freedom. Read more of her story here >>>





Barry has been accessing Trinity’s services for over a decade, and has recently begun volunteering, moved into his own home, and is actively searching for a job. Read more here >>> 





Charlotte was diagnosed with schizophrenia 8 years ago, and became very isolated. Through engaging with Trinity Women’s Services, she has made new friends, learned new skills and becoming more independent. Read her story here >>>





After sleeping rough for many months, Drew was supported by Winchester City Council, Winchester Churches Nightshelter, and Trinity Winchester, and is now volunteering regularly, and has somewhere to sleep at night. Read more here >>>